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Some of our equipment has a MINIMUM rental rate. This rate is the minimum charge for a particular piece of equipment. Most minimum charges allow for a 2 or 3 hours of rental time. Where a minimum rate is not specified, the lowest charge listed is treated as the minimum charge.

The DAILY rental rate allows for up to 24 hours of equipment time out. For some pieces of equipment, such as an appliance dolly or manual auger, this is also the minimum rental charge allowing up to 24 hours of time with the equipment.

The WEEKLY rental rate allows for a full week of equipment use. For example, if a piece of equipment is rented on Tuesday at 2:00pm, it must be returned the following Tuesday by 2:00pm in order for the weekly rental rate to apply. In a case where the rental time is less than a week but several days, the weekly rate may be less expensive than the daily rental charge for the multiple days rented. In these situations, the less expensive of the two rates will apply.

The MONTHLY rental rate allows for 4 weeks of equipment time. Just as with the weekly rental, the less expensive rate will be charged in a case where the rental time is longer than a week but less than a month.

All rental rates are subject to a 8% Damage Waiver charge.

We also have other overnight and weekend rates available. Please contact us if you have questions regarding rate options.

Prices listed on this website are subject to change without notice.


All rentals require a deposit unless the renter has a charge account in good standing. Deposits can be left in the form of a pre-authorization on a credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) for rentals less than 3 days in length. For rentals exceeding 3 days in length; the deposit will be processed to the credit card and the credit card number retained for the duration of the rental. The deposit will be equivalent to three times the rental rate with three times the daily rental rate being the minimum. For monthly rentals we require double the rental rate for deposit.


Please see our Rental Terms and Conditions [url=/sites/default/files/legal.pdf]PDF[/url] download.